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Why You Should Only Buy From Authorized Retailers

Manufacturers are extremely careful about who they select as authorised retailers of their products as ultimately it's their brand image that's on the line. We work extremely closely with manufacturers to ensure that we fit within their strict guidelines in order to acquire Authorised Retailer status. Anyone claiming to be an Authorised retailer, who has not been authorised by the Manufacturer, is in fact breaking the law. If you are ever in doubt, contact the manufacturer themselves to verify a dealer's status.

Our first concern is always your ultimate satisfaction with your Home AV purchase. We go to great pains to make sure you get the best products and the best pre and after sale service. For those reasons we strongly advise you to only ever purchase Home AV products from Authorized retailers.

Here are a few more reasons to only buy from Authorised Retailers:

  1. GENUINE BRANDS - When you buy from an authorized dealer you can be certain you are getting genuine Branded products. No knock offs.
  2. FULL MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Most manufacturer warranty polices state that "our warranty applies only to the original purchaser". When you buy from an Authorised retailer, YOU are the original purchaser. When you buy from a non-authorised seller, you are NOT.
  3. RELIABILITY OF SUPPLY - Authorised retailers often have actual stock available to purchase imediately to be delivered from themselves or direct form the Manufacturer. You don't have to wait months for your products and you can be assured that your items will be delivered safely.
  4. SERVICE - Authorised retailers deal directly with the Manufacturer and are able to deal with warranty issues and repairs as they have access to genuine branded replacement parts if needed.
  5. RELIABILITY - Authorised retailers must meet many requirements to become an authorized retailers, including financial solvency and stability, so be assured that we're not going anywhere any time soon.

Still not convinced? Here's why you should never buy your Home AV equipment from Non-authorised dealers:

  1. COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS - Ever wonder how that guy in the market can sell that Rolex watch for £10? It's not a Rolex watch! Counterfeit Home Audio products may look like the real thing, but they don't sound like the real thing.
  2. NO MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Products purchased from non-authorized dealers have already been sold once (to the non-authorized dealer) and therefore are second-hand goods by the time they come into your possession and are not covered by most manufacturer's warrantys.
  3. POOR SUPPLY CHAIN – Generally, non-authorized dealers do not stock actual products but instead try to get stock once you place your order. As they can't even order directly from manufacturers, there is no guarantee you will recieve your item in a timely manner or even at all.
  4. SERVICE - Given a poor supply chain, a non-authorized dealer is in a poor position to deal with any service issues. Even though some dealers claim to warrant the product in lieu of the manufacturer's warranty, they do not have a direct source for getting genuine Branded replacement parts since they can't order them from manufacturers directly.
  5. UNSTABLE - There are a lot of fly-by-night retailers out there, particularly the Ebay / Amazon Seller variety. Here today, gone tomorrow. What do you do if you need help? With no manufacturer warranty this puts you in a bit of a pradicament.


Most of the branded products you see on eBay are second hand products regardless of what the seller claims. eBay is an unrestricted market. Most resellers are not authorized dealers, therefore Branded products purchased through them on eBay are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Be careful and check with the manufacturer first.